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Public Hearings
Model Creek School - Four-Day School Week
Thursday, January 29th, 3 pm
Model Creek School

Chuck Tidey
Yavapai County Sheriff's Office
Award Ceremony on Thursday, January 29th, 10 am
Board of Supervisors Meeting Room, First Floor
1015 Fair Street, Prescott

Model Creek School

Sustainablity Committee Meetings
Thursday, February 5th, 3 pm
Thursday, March 5th, 3 pm
Model Creek School

Job Opportunity with YFD
The Grants and Personnel Specialist position
is currently open at Yarnell Fire Dept.

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Yarnell Water Co-op
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Board Member Elections
Yarnell Water Co-op
Saturday, March 28th, 4 pm
Model Creek School

The 45th Annual


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    Yarnell is coming back to life. Many volunteers came to help today and happy to do so. We put some of them to work in the garden and many others went into the burned out areas to help residents clean up and remove ruined refrigerators. The Red Cross and Salvation Army are here for the duration. They opened up the main highway through Yarnell and they brought tour buses up and let people walk around and pay their respect to the shrine that is building for the fallen. They were not able to walk down into the badly burned out areas and there are Police to make sure they don't. You can see alot and it is very shocking to see. The 19 Hot Shots died right over the hill as you come into town and they have already erected and flagpole in their honor and you can walk up this little path and see it from there. People are so generous and are donating all kinds of things to our little Community. Some Snow bird from Wisconsin came up and handed our Fire Department a $5000.00 check. Amazing.

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